Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Turn off the TV

My roommate and I have decided that we are going to watch less television when we are together. There will still be plenty of America's Next Top Model in the future, but until the new season starts, our remote control will remain in the off position.

So we decided to go back to our Utah roots and instill a spontaneous game night. Since TWISTER was out of the question (I was very hung over and Erin was enduring the middle of her Master Cleanse.) our next best option was Rainbow Jumbling Towers. A blatantly homosexual rip-off of Jenga, Rainbow Jumbling Towers can provide almost an hour of fun building and de-constructing of a small tower comprised of colorful wooden blocks.

Erin contemplates red.

The catch is, there is a dice that determines which block should be removed and jumbled. Which can be very difficult if one consistently rolls the same color again and again.

Which I found out the hard way, when I dealt the fatal blow that brought down our tower, causing us to shriek louder than when we're confronted by any one of Tyra's grimaces via ANTM.


Kirsten said...

you guys shld get Crazy Jenga.. the blocks are slightly slanted...

xo Kir

Andrew said...

Careful that the jumbling towers don't fall and crush the piece!

llq said...

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