Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fashion Weak!

So, as regular readers of my blog know, I tend to disappear for the months of September and February as a result of my involvement in fashion week. And for the first time in five years, I wasn't exclusively working for one company-- ahh, the beautiful life of a broke freelancer! So, for a few weeks, I put the dolls on hold, and dove in.

Last year I did a shoot with David Roemer for D magazine. The other models were Coley Brown and Caroline Trentini, and somehow, by coincidence I worked with both of them again for the Spring 2010 shows.

Coley had to get zipped up into a Petrou/Man bodysuit that was inspired by the original photo shoot I did for Nicolas' line back in July. The men filled a black room in the garment district, and stood on a platform over sound bites of space ships and whistles. It was haunting, eerie, and beautiful. The clothes were flawless, and the effect striking. Most of the models were good sports, standing for almost two hours completely zipped up-- afterwards Coley and I caught up a little and he gave me a paper from the recent exhibition from his first photography show, Growing Up, a collaboration with Patrick Tsai, a friend of mine who I met in Taiwan some years ago, and who Coley recently met in Japan (coincidental? The Universe moves most mysteriously!)

Coley getting dressed and ready to stand for two hours fully dressed and zipped.

Me and Coley, all suited up.

I also had the opportunity to do some freelance sewing and embroidery for Ranjana Khan, the wife of designer Naeem Khan who recently started her own collection of costume jewelry and accessories. They had their presentation together in their gorgeous 36th street showroom. Naeem's amazon girls were all standing on platforms in the main space, with their 'punk raj' gowns aglitter, while Ranjana's girls lounged on sofas and ladders in an adjoining room filled with flowers, live butterflies, and jewelry portraits. I was surprised to see Caroline Trentini, another D magazine vet, lounging as well.

A work in progress.

A glimpse of Naeem's show.

Reunion with Caroline Trentini

It was fun, and a lot of hard work-- like most of fashion. It was early to rise to help Nicolas with alterations and last minute presentation details, and late to bed for three days of non stop hand work for Ranjana- straight from the hangover of Nicolas' faboo after party at Apotheke.