Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Holiday Cruise Resort

Fashion shows used to only happen at the most obvious times of the year. But in the 21st century, and even in New York, fashion shows seem to be happening all the time. In the last few weeks, designers showed their resort collections--I mean holiday--I mean cruise--Or no--does holiday actually happen around the holidays?? And if so, is it crazy Barbie Holiday--all foil and velveteen clothes?

In any case, most New York designers opt for photographs of the collections sent out to buyers and select press, but this 'season' (I'm still not sure if I want to consider resort a season) the two head honchos of European Fashion, John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld, flew in their collections, top models, and make-up folks for fully staged fashion shows.

Dior--all wearability, some punchy colors, and funky hairstyles. He's going into a violently eighties direction--and I'm not sure I mind. I have to admit, the metallics were a little blinding at first, but he seemed to perfect their level of excessiveness to a point where it was visually alluring.

The Chanel show kind of grossed me out. I mean, I worship Karl, but I think not eating has really done something to his designing ability. Some of the looks are cute, but the styling was all over the place--and the colors were violent eighties in a horrifically Pretty In Pink way. And those shoes? much time in the dungeons...

I was getting a little disenchanted by this point. And then I remembered that aside from resort--couture season is starting up soon! Before any of the Euros flashed their dance, our Isaac Mizrahi showed his super luxe made to order collection at Bergdorf Goodman, filled with mod influenced modern clothing-- a trend I happen to love. The clean lines and coolacious color blocking just made me so happy inside. Maybe I don't mind fashion all year round.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Just thought I'd post some fashion art I did for this company that makes bracelets and cuffs out of old vinyl records. Let me know what you think..these are just a few preliminaries so keep your browsers open over the next few weeks for more updates. Check out his stuff at--
  • Wrecords By Monkey

  • * Stealing art is tacky.