Monday, March 23, 2009

Display & Exhibit

I thought these would be fun to post. Whenever I have my camera and find myself in front of a well lit window display uptown or downtown, I can't resist snapping a picture. What you put in the window is often very telling of what you can find inside a store (obviously) and what image a brand is trying to project. Plus its always fun to see the clothes up close and somewhat personally.

The Space Ghost Collection from Calvin Klein

The only cute thing about the Chloe Store : The door handle. Note: Roberto Cavalli must've used the same interior designer, their door handle is a bronze snake.

Gray Broadtails at the now defunct Petrou Store.

Mannequins trapped at the Pat Field shophouse.

Black Party at Barneys

Lily Donaldson, with and without her head at GUCCI on Madison.

Plaid gay circuit party at Barneys.

RIP OLIVIER THEYSKIENS. PS: I'll still do you even though you're like the opium for old fashion labels, intoxicating and deadly.

*Sigh...Monsieur Margiela. I would drown several cute puppies for this jacket.