Saturday, June 30, 2007

National Horrigraphic.

As a kid, me and my brothers would tag along to the Downtown Salt Lake Library bi-annual book sale. One year I scored boxes and boxes of ancient issues of National Geographic. Since then, that yellow bordered magazine has always been able to touch a place deep inside of me. The sharp and colorful images are filled with the beautiful, and more excitingly, THE GROTESQUE.


Now I've been to the zoos in Taiwan, and yes, they are a little shady. The animals all look hungry and angry. So it was no surprise to see a man's limb marinating in the mouth of an alligator. But thank god, he's fine. His baby pinky just doesn't move anymore.

And look how scary! Hatshepsut, the fabulous Queen of Egypt who was a famous crossdresser way ahead of her times, was finally found buried in a desert. Still knows how to strike a pose! Go on Hatty! Vogue!

I don't think he knows mummies are really dead people.

People who don't believe in global warming are dumb! Our atmosphere is shrinking! The sun's coming in! Jesus is coming, hide your bong!

And to leave off on a cute note. For every rare (1 of six) spotted Amur leopardess we kill, four little white tiger cubs are born in a zoo somewhere.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Moving Day

So, The Company finally made the move from the Garment District to Long Island City this weekend. It was quite a fiasco, and one hell of a workout. These are a few pics of me, hard at work, unloading years of fur coat storage into Budget Rental Trucks. It was actually an awesome week at work, and really made me realize how much I love my job, and how much I love fur. This is awesome!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Presidential Nominee.

It's official. YangaBang Incorporated is nominating Angelina Jolie for President. Her work for the UN is unparalleled in the Hollywood Scene, as well as her efforts with soon to be first lady Brad Pitt raising awareness about the Sudan, Hurricane Katrina, and orphaned children everywhere.

T-shirts available in French Gray, Pale Blue, and Shiloh White. If you want one, come to the corner of Prince and Mulberry in Nolita this weekend for an exclusive chance of owning one of the first samples. They will be available online soon in extremely limited editions. Email me for special orders.

Angelina For President is copyrighted with YangaBang Inc.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Metropolitan Dolls

Here are some creepy pics of the dolls I'm auctioning off on Ebay. The one in the middle is the star. She was Paleontologist Barbie, I got her when I was probably ten, or eleven, or maybe thirteen years old. I was fascinated by her khaki hat, shorts, and dino printed top. Maybe she wouldn't be getting sent to the auction block if I still had all of her accessories.

These are the Generation Girls. It is actually a shared collection between my brother Anthony and my sister Alyssa. They were supposedly the hippest girls in high school. And then their hair was tangled and their hip clothing used on dolls who had less style. It's time to graduate girls.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

National Geography: Spotlight on Paris

So, our receptionist is out because of a special event for Basso (sale sale SALE!), and I, because of my obvious wit and charming smile, am the perfect temp-orary replacement. It's lovely. Answering sixteen phone lines...and rediscovering the amazingness of National Geographic and Paris Fashion Week all in the same afternoon!

So exciting.

Do you remember what a dying star looks like??

Do you know what a 330 foot Guatamalan sinkhole looks like? In case you don't, please refer to the diagram on the right. It turns out you shouldn't build neighborhoods on top of rocks that are soluble. If a watermain breaks, you might find yourself drowned in sewage!

And have you ever tried a calamari ring the size of a tractor tire? Neither have I but I'm sure it's damn tasty.

And, in Fashion News, Viktor and Rolf showed in Paris yesterday. I wasn't into the clogs, but the lighting & clothes were a hot jam. Check out the hilarious review over @ Quoting Sarah Mower: As the rigs got bigger and the girls' expressions more frozen with fear, involuntary gasps escaped from the audience. "Oh my God, she's listing!" hissed one observer. "I can't look!" cried another. "That poor girl's slipping!" shrieked someone else.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Fashion Week Recap

Since I have lost touch with all of my friends and family because I value furs and fashion more than honor and relationships, I thought a nice little recap of Fashion Week Hell would be appropriate. The show was crazy ridiculous and you'll see more posted as days go by, but here are a few snaps from the styling sessions.

I was chatting with some of the models while they were waiting around during castings to see what their thoughts were on the eating/lack of eating scandals. They were all pretty indifferent, except for one particular girl, Lisa, who had a tourist yell at her the morning prior. "Go eat a sandwich bitch!"

From Left to Right: Brittany DeBeers, Numero stylist Bill Mullen, Unidentified Russian Model, Patternmaker Futoshi Yora, Dennis Basso HimSelf, Creative Director Nicholas Petrou. (Jack Cohen, Head of Sales and Ex Best Thing @ Fendi, is blocked by Dennis Basso.)

Ahh, the glamour of fashion.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hey, Fashion Week is coming....check out who I really work for...

  • Dennis Basso Awesomeness
  • Friday, January 12, 2007

    The Day After Tomorrow

    So it's January now. Do you know what that means?

    Fashion Week is coming in less than a month. The company I'm working for, Dennis Basso, is making their Bryant Park debut this season. Which means I'm going to go from being a hermit, to nonexistent. I have to say goodbye to the world for a month. The show must go on, and the animals must die.