Tuesday, February 27, 2007

National Geography: Spotlight on Paris

So, our receptionist is out because of a special event for Basso (sale sale SALE!), and I, because of my obvious wit and charming smile, am the perfect temp-orary replacement. It's lovely. Answering sixteen phone lines...and rediscovering the amazingness of National Geographic and Paris Fashion Week all in the same afternoon!

So exciting.

Do you remember what a dying star looks like??

Do you know what a 330 foot Guatamalan sinkhole looks like? In case you don't, please refer to the diagram on the right. It turns out you shouldn't build neighborhoods on top of rocks that are soluble. If a watermain breaks, you might find yourself drowned in sewage!

And have you ever tried a calamari ring the size of a tractor tire? Neither have I but I'm sure it's damn tasty.

And, in Fashion News, Viktor and Rolf showed in Paris yesterday. I wasn't into the clogs, but the lighting & clothes were a hot jam. Check out the hilarious review over @ style.com. Quoting Sarah Mower: As the rigs got bigger and the girls' expressions more frozen with fear, involuntary gasps escaped from the audience. "Oh my God, she's listing!" hissed one observer. "I can't look!" cried another. "That poor girl's slipping!" shrieked someone else.



Kirsten said...

hang in there darling... *hugs*

Gabby said...

She really is wearing clogs with her giantshiponhershoulders...