Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October Lapse

I realized that I haven't changed my massive wall calendar of Taschen Celestial Maps since August. I completely bypassed a month. How did that happen? And then I found myself getting angry last night because I realized it was cold and I missed going to the beach this year. Again. That's three years in a row.

I had a closet overhaul ( clothes do not have feelings...) in early September, when it seemed like it was never going to cool down, and somehow got rid of all of the seasonally transitional clothing I had. Now I'm either too hot or too cold. Relearning how to layer isn't as easy as I remember. I'm still used to going to bed naked, and pay for it in the morning when I'm too scared to get out of the covers.

Fashion week came and went, and nothing remarkable happened. Except for Balenciaga, Chalayan, and (gasp!) Louis Vuitton. Obama surprised no one by putting McCain out of commission by...being Obama. Friends made their out of town visits, and I made more dolls. I intended on sending my older brother his birthday present and still have to buy it. September...seems to have bled into August and October. I will probably post much more over the next week or so about things I forgot to write about in September.

Now people are asking me what I'm going to be for Halloween. Thank god I thought about that eight months ago. And I'm turning 24 on October 24th, the Year of the Rat, my year. What does it all mean?? What is going on here?

Picture from a forgotten month- September, a map of Celestial Bodies