Friday, November 14, 2008

A Klinc Above the Rest

It’s almost impossible to live in New York and not hear the saying, “You don’t get anywhere unless you know somebody.” The saying has held true in almost every facet of my life in this crazy metropolitan, and I can trace almost every achievement and job break I’ve had to random connections with people I’ve met through other people, the street, the subway, or a dance floor.

I first met Patrick Klinc in 2006 when I started working as an assistant designer for the PETROU and DENNIS BASSO brands, and trying to get my freelance modeling career off the ground. I had booked a small job getting some pictures to promote a new downtown party, but at the last minute the hairstylist had cancelled.

Nicolas Petrou put me in contact with the creative consultant associated with EDGE; a boutique filled with over 65 designers who use his talents during an endless gamut of photo shoots for their various collections. He also works as the chief hair stylist for all of the Petrou and Dennis Basso look book and campaign spreads, effortlessly creating countless high fashion looks with his expert technical skill and highly refined vision.

A few of Patrick's creations from the current Dennis Basso Campaign

From the Petrou SS08 lookbook

Patrick's styling from the EDGE t-shirt designer's FAUX lookbook

A recent test shot from my portfolio

Needless to say, no one else has touched my hair since, and in a city and industry where everything depends on how you look—every cut from Klinc has been priceless.