Thursday, June 29, 2006

Project Mayhem

I knew the team at Project Runway wanted to amp it up a little this year in terms of the designer contestants on their show, given the nature of it's insane popularity. But I was especially surprised when I was skipping around the doll sites today, and found out that that ROBERT BEST will be competing to show at Olympus Fashion Week this September.

Robert Best, is no stranger to the fashion scene. He was Isaac Mizrahi's assistant designer when Isaac was super high fashion in the nineties, and makes appearances in the cult documentary, Unzipped, the prequel to Seamless.He's had a line of couture dresses out for a few years now, but is most known in certain circles as the creator of the collectible line of Silkstone Barbie Dolls, which are said to have saved the collectibles Barbie market from imploding. I first started collecting his dolls when I was sixteen, in Taiwan, and had a disposable income.

You can imagine how shocked I was when I learned that he graduated from Judge Memorial High School from my college counselor, who attended school with him back in the eighties. Yes, he was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah. Now I know who to root for this season. Keep your fingers crossed bitches...he's gonna rock. (As long as he can make a dress in 48 hours and withstand the scathing criticisms and orange skin of Fraulein Klum and Herr Kors.)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

La Lohan

Lindsay's been all over the news, what with her role in "Prairie Home Companion" which I saw on opening day. She's good in it-- really good. All of you Anti-Lohans will be proven wrong in the coming years. And the girl knows her designers if any of you keep up with the gossip-- she tells her stylist what to buy versus the other way around. And she actually looks good. Lindsay, you are in my top ten Style Icons, and since I have yet to name the others-- You're #1.

Here's some snippets of June's Harper's Bazaar, and Interview Magazines...both of which I have.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New City Revolution

New York City is a place where people come to compete for their dreams, or party until they forget their dreams. It's a place they experience for a few years, and move on from, or end up getting sucked into, like one giant toilet that flushes into the Hudson River.

I just finished unpacking my stuff in Brooklyn for the summer...and I have to say it will probably be nice to get out of Manhattan during the hottest months of the year. Not just because of the sweltering humidity, loud as hell midnights, or gangs of homeless people/tourists, but because of the unstoppable, never ending pace.

Standing on the corner of Prince and Mulberry for six hours every Saturday and Sunday means I get a lot of people watching done. This weekend, I saw Iman in person (She buys things at Rickys), Fabrizio Moretti alone and hot, and Heather Graham Cracker. Alongside the somewhat celebs were tourists from every nook and corner of the globe, and probably every state. There were those with fake Louis Vuittons, and real Balenciagas, hipsters, hobos, and families alike.

It's hard to believe I've only been here for four months, and still find myself longing for bits of the place I left behind....the City of Salt, Mormons, and Thrift stores olde Salt Lake. Maybe it's running into fellow ex-Utahns, on the street, or at my new job, who all seem a bit nostalgic for the day to day existence--of living in the middle of a desert, nestled in mountains, and making up your day as it goes along--more or less. Lately I've been in a little bit of a depressed NY funk--and I think it was because I realized that no matter what great a city you live in---you won't stop missing your good friends and great times from back home.

Which is why I am dedicating this blog entry to the Fabulous Jesse Walker-- inspiration and friend. He just ended his insanely successful line of Just Wanna Dance parties at the W Lounge in Downtown Salt Lake, and premiered his art/sound installation on the walls of the public library, titled "Reflective Skin". Here's nine hundred hurrahs to Jesse Walker, International Superstar DJ, Artist, Photographer, and Creative Superhero Genius.

He is also the author of a blog that covers all the awesome, kitschy, beautiful, and scary things that make up what is Salt Lake. I know that I-- and countless other Ex-Slats, look to his brilliant photography and keen insights when they're missing exactly what they're trying to find--home. Thanks for making it feel a little closer.

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  • Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Cat Power

    Happened upon an artist who seems to have been surfing with this whole creepy/cute vibe a lot longer than most. Her name's Marion Peck, and her haunting visions of children, KITTIES, and other animals will be sure to inspire you, make you long for some long lost innocence, or make you shudder. Check-check check it out.

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  • Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Two Parties: One Hot Shirt

    So, I am neither a socialite nor club goer, merely a cute boy who likes to dance. But I've found myself going out a lot more than what should be alotted, given my fragile health. Cough, cough. Here are my reviews for one big party, and one not so big party that I recently attended.


    Okay folks, the kids are cute, the drinks were moderately priced, and the music was...meh Eighties Night meets Hot 100. This used to be a raging party, and apparently it's just gotten kind of lame. No, it actually got really lame. I went with some of my gay (happy) friends that I don't usually see in the city, and was so disappointed this time 'round that I ended up buying TOO many cheap drinks, TOO early in the night. I didn't want to take off my sunglasses because I didn't want any one to recognize me, and I didn't want to recognize anyone. When I spilled my fifth g&t, all over the ground, and found myself surrounded my hipsters gasping "sacrilege!" I no choice but to flee the bar. Maybe next Saturday.

    Motherfucker 6th Anniversary:

    The theme was Truman Capote's Black and White Ball. Except this time, instead of Audrey and Jackie O, there were a gang of trannies and professional Vogue-ers! Damn. It was at the Roxy, which is a pretty big space in the meat packing district. I went with an upgraded crew of happy friends, and actually had a blast. The music was all the right eighties, dance, and dance rock, seamlessly mixed together. Everyone went balls (and boobs) out for the theme, and bitches know when people get into themes parties get bumpin.

    *Motherfucker pic by Nikola of Please don't destroy my blogutation because I used the pic without express permission. Just check out her site friends.

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Rainy Daze

    The rain's been pouring down on NYC for four days straight, and today the clouds are still ominous and scary. I was trying to compile an adorable and trendy rainy day to do list for Yangabang, and then realized that such a thing is impossible; as rainy days are neither trendy nor adorable. So here's a to do list of 5 things I actually did this rainy weekend, in random order.

    1. Smoke Hookah.

    What better way to be stuck in doors than inside a smoke filled den, intimately lit, with your favorite Saudi or Lebanese music strumming away overhead. If you want a light smoke, go with something herbal like Jasmine or Mint. Double Apple is better with friends, and while you're at it, have a Turkish Coffee to ensure lively conversation.

    2. Watch a Footballer's Wives Marathon.

    Sex, bitchery, shirtless Euro hunks, and deliciously tacky clothes. British people are crazy, so their #1 soap is definitely something to be committed to. In just four hours, I watched Tanya Turner do a gang of coke with her talon-like manicure, kill her old grubby husband by literally 'fucking him to death', move in with Conrad Gates (the show's David Beckham) and drive his ex-wife Amber (A Bollywood version of Posh Spice) to attempted suicide. HOT.

    3. Bleach Your Whites.

    Come on, you know those whites need a good soak in some clorox. Pit stains begone! Mystery stains vanish! Soak them hot in your tub if you want to kill two birds with one stone so you can finally get rid of that grimy ring that's been there since...the last rainy day.

    4. Try a New Drink.

    As I am a committed wino-- I decided to jump on the whiskey train on The Rainy Friday Night. Just two glasses, and I didn't feel that drunk...yet definitely knew some of my brain cells couldn't see straight. I knew I was going to be a cheap date when I 'wobbled' on the way home! Oh are so...warm.

    5. Clean.

    You know you should. Even if every thing looks clean, there's still that rat doodoo under the sink, or that mold on your toilet, or those eyebrow hairs on your sink. Maybe you should vacuum the shag rug or pull out couch, or do those binge eating dishes you've been avoiding. Or you could just take advantage of my alternative #5 thing to do in the rain: Get Laid.