Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Two Parties: One Hot Shirt

So, I am neither a socialite nor club goer, merely a cute boy who likes to dance. But I've found myself going out a lot more than what should be alotted, given my fragile health. Cough, cough. Here are my reviews for one big party, and one not so big party that I recently attended.


Okay folks, the kids are cute, the drinks were moderately priced, and the music was...meh Eighties Night meets Hot 100. This used to be a raging party, and apparently it's just gotten kind of lame. No, it actually got really lame. I went with some of my gay (happy) friends that I don't usually see in the city, and was so disappointed this time 'round that I ended up buying TOO many cheap drinks, TOO early in the night. I didn't want to take off my sunglasses because I didn't want any one to recognize me, and I didn't want to recognize anyone. When I spilled my fifth g&t, all over the ground, and found myself surrounded my hipsters gasping "sacrilege!" I no choice but to flee the bar. Maybe next Saturday.

Motherfucker 6th Anniversary:

The theme was Truman Capote's Black and White Ball. Except this time, instead of Audrey and Jackie O, there were a gang of trannies and professional Vogue-ers! Damn. It was at the Roxy, which is a pretty big space in the meat packing district. I went with an upgraded crew of happy friends, and actually had a blast. The music was all the right eighties, dance, and dance rock, seamlessly mixed together. Everyone went balls (and boobs) out for the theme, and bitches know when people get into themes parties get bumpin.

*Motherfucker pic by Nikola of www.ambrel.net. Please don't destroy my blogutation because I used the pic without express permission. Just check out her site friends.


this girl said...

This post makes me wish I was in NYC.

jwalker said...

you deserve a party of your own. you should call it inshapes... or... just wanna dance NYC

btw, check this out!