Thursday, June 29, 2006

Project Mayhem

I knew the team at Project Runway wanted to amp it up a little this year in terms of the designer contestants on their show, given the nature of it's insane popularity. But I was especially surprised when I was skipping around the doll sites today, and found out that that ROBERT BEST will be competing to show at Olympus Fashion Week this September.

Robert Best, is no stranger to the fashion scene. He was Isaac Mizrahi's assistant designer when Isaac was super high fashion in the nineties, and makes appearances in the cult documentary, Unzipped, the prequel to Seamless.He's had a line of couture dresses out for a few years now, but is most known in certain circles as the creator of the collectible line of Silkstone Barbie Dolls, which are said to have saved the collectibles Barbie market from imploding. I first started collecting his dolls when I was sixteen, in Taiwan, and had a disposable income.

You can imagine how shocked I was when I learned that he graduated from Judge Memorial High School from my college counselor, who attended school with him back in the eighties. Yes, he was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah. Now I know who to root for this season. Keep your fingers crossed bitches...he's gonna rock. (As long as he can make a dress in 48 hours and withstand the scathing criticisms and orange skin of Fraulein Klum and Herr Kors.)


jwalker said...

i'm so excited i can hardly wait! thanks for the tip off on the utah bred designer... he seem's pretty cool, so we'll have to root for him.

jujujen said...

Thanks for your blog comments about Robert Best. My husband and I were just watching the TiVo'd premiere episode, and couldn't figure out where we had seen (and heard) Robert. Then it hit me--he was the guy in "Unzipped" who said "I scrim, you scrim, we all scrim for the scrim." The usually reliable IMDb didn't list him in the cast of the movie, though! Good to know someone else out there on the net remembered him from the documentary. Thanks again--he's our favorite so far.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to be on Project Runway? You'd rock it, and I'd be your model! How exciting!

Yang said...

I'm glad there are others who are becoming aware of Robert Bests' fabulousness, his talent far exceeds that of the doll world. He was featured in Vogue a few years ago as well, and has dressed all the big red carpet girls. Three cheers for Robert!