Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fall Preview, Pocahontas Hair

I don't know what I'll be wearing for fall but I know what I want my hair to look like...

Okay, so my hair was getting really long earlier this year...and then I had a late winter psycho crisis and shaved my head. Now I miss my hair. Thank the lord it grows fast...but I want it to grow faster. I want Pocahontas hair!! Tomorrow! Okay, so maybe not tomorrow, but as soon as my hair is long enough to get a decent weave...(I'm thinking early September) I am SO going to harlem and getting some tracks sewn in. If Tyra can do it, so can I.

*All of these pics minus the first two are of Austrian model Florian Pessenteiner. Pretty Pretty boy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Google Me

Interesting things happen when you Google yourself. Check it out-

Who is Andrew Yang?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Madonna gets some Mercy

Madonna has been getting a lot of flack for wanting to adopt internationally, as well as using her celebrity to bypass formalities the Malawi government has in place in its adoption process. Today, she was granted her adoption and she is getting her baby. I say CONGRATULATIONS! If only more celebrities would adopt.

Julie Andrews adopted two Vietnamese children in 1974.

Mia Farrow adopted 10 children from all around the world, some with disabilities. The most famous of them, Soon-Yi Previn, went on to have an affair with Mia's former-significant-other, Woody Allen, as a teenager. Then Woody and Soon-Yi married and adopted two children themselves.

Josephine Baker adopted 12 or 13 children of different ethnic backgrounds: her Rainbow Tribe.

In 2006, actress Meg Ryan adopted her daughter Daisy True from China.

Did You Know?

That over a quarter of the population of black swans exhibit homosexual tendencies?

A flamboyantly homosexual swan couple and their brood.

Swans are more or less monogamous water birds. They reinforce their pairings with frequent preening and sex. Should one die, the other usually lives out the remainder of it's life alone. Generally, when two male swans pair off, one mates with a female, she lays eggs in their nest, and then they chase her off. And because the males are so much bigger, their baby cygnets have up to ten times the survival rate as their hetero counterparts.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Rainy Daze

It's been raining for a couple weeks now, reliably almost every other day. Even though I have been a productive bunny (scarves, pictures, drawing, dolls, partying, scarves) the rain makes it so easy to lounge, read, and watch movies. Plus, how else does one spend the time hungover beyond repair?

They Shoot Horses Don't They?

Sydney Pollack's masterful depiction of the desperation of those living during The Great Depression, has gone down in film history as one of The Greats. In the sixties it was nominated for several academy awards, and cemented the auteur's status as a filmmaker to be reckoned with, and Jane Fonda's acting skills that were...ahem...lost on Barbarella. It follows the lives of several couples who entered a marathon dance competition, and didn't sleep for over three months..you can imagine what this did to their sanity. A fleeting and disturbing glimpse into a forgotten part of american culture.

The Brother's Grimm

I'm sad to say I missed the opportunity to see this in theaters. After it received a bunch of bad reviews, I guess I thought it would be better to wait til I caught it on TV. Wrong. Maybe it's because I'm partial with anything that has an allusion to Fairy Tales, but this movie was a helluva lot of fun. It reminds me of the period adventure movies I used to watch as a kid, filled with humor, magic, and non reality. A stellar cast, and AMAZING costume and production design.


Twist is a modern retelling of Oliver Twist written and directed by Jacob Tierney. It stars Nick Stahl as the Artful Dodger, and a very cute Joshua Close as the Oliver character. The movie takes the Dickens out of London and lands in the seedy streets of Montreal, which is apparently filled with cute, cracked out hustlers. I want to take Oliver out of Montreal and put him in my pocket.

The Hours, Michael Cunningham.

Okay, we all saw the movie and thought it was amazing. The book is just as amazing, but even more saturated and satisfying in the way books are always more saturated and satisfying than movies. Michael Cunningham's prose is gorgeous and poignant, and he made me want to go straight to the Strand and pick up every other piece of writing he's penned. C'est Magnifique.

Congratulations Angelina!

Angelina beat out Oprah on the Forbes List of most powerful celebrities! Congrats!! It comes with marrying Brad Pitt, and saving the world one baby at a time.