Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Madonna gets some Mercy

Madonna has been getting a lot of flack for wanting to adopt internationally, as well as using her celebrity to bypass formalities the Malawi government has in place in its adoption process. Today, she was granted her adoption and she is getting her baby. I say CONGRATULATIONS! If only more celebrities would adopt.

Julie Andrews adopted two Vietnamese children in 1974.

Mia Farrow adopted 10 children from all around the world, some with disabilities. The most famous of them, Soon-Yi Previn, went on to have an affair with Mia's former-significant-other, Woody Allen, as a teenager. Then Woody and Soon-Yi married and adopted two children themselves.

Josephine Baker adopted 12 or 13 children of different ethnic backgrounds: her Rainbow Tribe.

In 2006, actress Meg Ryan adopted her daughter Daisy True from China.

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