Friday, January 09, 2009

La Vida Lohan

My first Lindsay post in a while. She's been getting a lot of flack from the press for doing...nothing. Pick up the January issue of INTERVIEW. Lauren Hutton does the questioning, and her intro is amazing.

I have no justification for my mild obsession with her. I just want someone to give her a chance in a fabulous period romance where she gets to go ballistic in some petticoats. If you check out the interview, she obviously has some envy issues with Scarlett Johannsen, and if anyone can recall the bathroom stall scrawling incident, you'll know this is something that's bothered her for some time. It's easy to see why, Scarlett is the definition of underwhelming. She's just so blah. I would have traded her for Lindsay in half a second in any one of her roles. She was alright in The Boleyn girl, but I think La Lohan would have done a MUCH better job as Natalie's sister.

And do I even have to mention how adorable her and Sam Ronson are?

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