Monday, April 28, 2008

Metropolitan Doll

This is Snejana, she is the prototype of a line of dolls I am working on to debut later this summer, tentatively called the Changelings. She's 20 something inches of gorgeousness. Her skin is muslin, her face is hand drawn, and her hair is mongolian lamb.

Each doll will be one of a kind. Prices are available upon request. She is meant to be dressed up, played with, and photographed.

Snejana has already provided hours of fun for me and my roommate, and many unsuspecting guests that have passed through our Park Slope abode. You should see her when she gets drunk.


Tygogal said...

See Please Here

AndrewF said...

She's amazing, absolutely beautiful.

Gabby said...

you are a most extraordinary artiste. You have an exquisite touch my darling. I hope you have an excellent business advisor.