Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Project Karl

Everyone better be tuning in to the Sundance Channel this fall. As reported in The Fashion Week Daily, "Signé Chanel", a five part series to begin airing in September '06 will follow Captain Lagerfeld and Team Chanel's Fall/Winter 2004-2005 Haute Couture collection from concept to creation.

Karl Lagerfeld has never stopped grabbing headlines in his 40+ years in fashion, always designing, losing weight and setting trends leapyears ahead of his competitors in the industry. And sometimes, to his advantage, he jumps on a trend while it's already on the rise, adding HIS attention to a moment, making a smoldering trend on fire.

He famously lost over two hundred pounds to wear Dior Homme seconds before Msr. Slimane's skinny suits were all the rage. When hi-low fashion was threatening to burst like a dollar store bubble with Mizrahi's Target-Couture, Karl redesigned his wardrobe for H&M and watched as dozens of fashion crazies raided the place. (I have the women's sequin tux jacket--all occasion--fucking gorgeous.) He podcasts the Chanel show, and at the after party for Lagerfeld Collection here in New York, he gives away forty iPods to his exclusive guests; he owns the 40 ipod, with a 400,000$ price tag and max of 1.5 TB(?) of music. And he just auctioned off several million dollars worth of furnishings and properties, trading his baroque antiques for slick, modern, couture priced chrome chairs and coffee tables.

A friend recently asked me what would happen if Karl Lagerfeld kicked the bucket. What would happen to Chanel? Fendi? Fashion? I couldn't think of a valid response, other than, he probably will not ever die. KARL FOREVER!


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