Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Staten Island Fairy

When my green haired roommate, Kirsten, told me Staten Island was actually New York's landfill of the old days turned suburb, I was shocked. Shocked I didn't know. Because I should have known. Peter, my Bostonite buddy, was in town to welcome me back to the East Coast, and we all decided it was such a beautiful day last Friday that we simply had to walk from the Lower East Side, to Battery Park, to catch the free ferry of Staten Island. And of course, in New York, getting there is half the fun.

First, we wandered through Chinatown, where Kirsten directed us to an ice cream parlor, the first and original of its kind, uniquely titled The Original Chinatown Ice Cream. The flavors were all those we Asians adore, green tea, lychee, taro bean, red bean, ginger, and much much more. Tasty delight.

Eventually, and I mean eventually...it was a long walk, we made it to the South Street Seaport, where Kirsten and I unsuccessfully tried to board a ship on it's way to Peking. I guess they didn't let us on because the thing's a relic and doesn't actually move.

Finally aboard the ferry, a lot of wind and dramatic hair was going on, which I loved. If you have hair as fabulous as mine, wouldn't you love being windblown? We decided to get off at the landfill, and explored until we discovered a thrift store Everything Goes. I was going mad for their eighties dresses, until I got my hands on a MIU MIU trench, for 15$. Maybe you can find treasure in a landfill.

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